The party in my garden continues to ramp up this week, even providing some fireworks to celebrate America’s 241st year of independence! dsc_8850.jpg

At the north end, the creeping sedum continue to bloom. along with some Salvia, Rose Campion, and the wild Ox-eye Daisies.  As the corner clump of Dianthus fade, the first of the Moonbeam Coreopsis are opening.   And look!  I finally got around to mulching this area!  Hooray for me!  Hooray for no more bags of mulch sitting in the driveway giving me reproachful looks every time I come and go!DSC_8841

One of my mystery roses (here when we moved in 14 years ago) is blooming.  It’s nearly a full time job keeping the ferns here from smothering the poor thing, and I do wish those daffodil fronds would die down soon so I can get them out of there!DSC_8869DSC_8870

Moving along, ‘Alba Meidiland’ has some shabby looking blooms now, and could use a trim!  She is SOOO thorny, though, and I just was NOT in the mood yesterday morning!  Just beyond her, the other threadleaf Coreopsis are coming on strong!  DSC_8842DSC_8872

Penstemon ‘Husker Red’ is done for the year.  The broadleaf Coreopsis in front of it has a few blooms, with more buds coming along.  Some years the woodchucks favor this plant, and I see few flowers, but this year it’s just been nibbled a little bit.dsc_8844.jpg

The Foxglove at the north end have finished completely, but the Rose Campion still lends a bright spot.  DSC_8876

You can see one Canna (‘Australia’) has made some real progress.  There are two others that have just started growing:DSC_8877

Also, I planted some new marigolds and Cleome to replace the ones that were slug-damaged, so hopefully we’ll have some color from those soon!

Thanks to Cathy for maintaining this weekly look at one specific garden or area of a garden each week!  Check out the progress in her garden and find links to other bloggers’ contributions over at Words and Herbs!   DSC_8847