This week I am a bit frustrated!  For one, I feel the rock garden just looks messy and cluttered. dsc_8881.jpg

And second, I just can’t seem to manage to take good pictures of this bed!  It’s in a difficult location, and no matter what time of day or the weather, the light is never right!  I’ve experimented with different settings and different lenses, but I can’t find a combination that makes me happy.

Nonetheless, let us press on!  There’s really nothing new this week, just more of what was starting last week.  While the wild daisies are declining (getting them out of there will neaten things up considerably!), the Coreopsis are in their full glory, the Rose Campion continues to brighten up the landscape, and the unknown pink roses are pumping out blooms.    I girded my loins to take on the task of trimming thorny Rosa ‘Alba Meidiland’, so she’s looking a little less shabby.  The Cannas at the north end are growing well now; next year I must either get them in the ground earlier or start them indoors!  I’ve seen a few Japanese beetles around; I’ll have to remember to spray the Cannas against them soon!  DSC_8884DSC_8885DSC_8887DSC_8890DSC_8892

As a music teacher, one phrase I frequently hear is, “I played it better at home.”  Today you will just have to believe me when I say, “It looks better in real life!” Really, it does!

One of these days I hope to have time to share with you some of my other flowers.  Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’ in the Terrace Garden is an absolutely glorious monster this year!  Until then, thanks for popping by to see what’s up this week in Tuesday’s View.  As always, I am linking with Cathy from Words and Herbs for this weekly meme!