There’s not been a lot of change and I’ve had little time to work in the rock garden since last week, so there’s not much new to report!  DSC_8973

A few more ‘Moonbeam’ and ‘Zagreb’ Coreopsis are blooming, and there are a few more open roses on both the dark and light pink roses.  The Rose Campion continues to pump out flowers; I’d had no idea they went on so long!  I’ve trimmed more spent rose clusters of ‘Alba Meidiland’, and she is sporting some new growth.  The Cannas are growing slowly, and one at the south end of the garden finally sent up a shoot!





There’s a mullein (Verbascum) growing on one of the rocks behind the irises.  DSC_8979

Next to it is the woodchucks’ main entrance and exit ramp.  Sigh . . .DSC_8980

At the north end, a small foxglove is blooming late, and helps create a charming vignette with the Rose Campion, marigold, and Dianthus.DSC_8966

We are in a period of high heat and humidity, and have had plenty of rain, so I expect we will see some significant Canna growth by next week, and perhaps some more open annual flowers.

Thank you to Cathy of Words and Herbs for continuing to host this look at one garden or part of a garden each week!