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I am reveling in the beauty of my daffodils and tulips this spring! They have been real troupers, bouncing back with admirable resilience even after several late hard freezes and snow just six days ago! Here’s a look at them today, the first really warm and humid day of the spring.

Narcissus ‘Pueblo’

Narcissus ‘Pueblo’, in the Terrace Garden, is nearing the end of its bloom cycle, its flowers having faded to nearly pure white. The grape hyacinths hiding among their stems have just begun blooming this week.

There are several more clumps of daffodils at the lower end of the Terrace Garden. Both Narcissus ‘Beautiful Eyes’ and ‘Sorbet’ have naturalized and multiplied abundantly over the five or so years they’ve been here. ‘Stratosphere’, as tall as it sounds, has also naturalized well, but not multiplied to the same degree as the others.

Narcissus ‘Beautiful Eyes’
Narcissus ‘Sorbet’
Narcissus ‘Stratosphere’

Up the back hill, in the lasagna bed, Narcissi ‘Yazz‘, ‘Kedron‘, and ‘Quail’ are about in the middle of their bloom period. ‘Kedron’ has multiplied particularly well. I planted all of these in the fall of 2015, so this is their fifth year here. I have a good view of this bed from my kitchen window, and it gives me great joy to see them as I do my dishes!

Narcissi ‘Yazz’, ‘Kedron’, and ‘Quail’ in the Lasagna Bed

Farther up the hill, at the back border of our yard, Narcissus ‘Fellows Favorite’ has been blooming for about ten days. This is one of three new-to-me daffodils I planted last fall. I like its lemony color and the white details on its perianth.

Narcissus ‘Fellows Favorite’
‘Fellows Favorite’

Now it’s Tulip Time!

My 2020 Tulip Bed

Because we share our yard with a great array of wildlife, I find it best to grow tulips inside the fenced vegetable patch. I treat them as annuals, pulling up and discarding the bulbs when they’re done blooming. To me, it’s a worthy indulgence, and it gives me the fun of choosing new tulips for this space every fall. Today, seven varieties are in various stages of bloom, with three more still in bud. Here are a half dozen:

Tulip ‘Daydream’
Tulip ‘Monte Carlo’

‘Daydream’ and ‘Monte Carlo’ are nearing the end of their run in my garden. ‘Daydream’ starts out yellow and turns progressively more orange as it ages. ‘Monte Carlo’ is a frilly, flouncy, early double tulip.

Tulip ‘Margarita’
Tulip ‘Aafke’

Peony tulip ‘Margarita’ and single early ‘Aafke’ both very recently opened. Even though ‘Aafke’ is not listed as a multi-flowering tulip, a couple stems produced a mini-bouquet of three flowers!

Finally, here are two very similar tulips, ‘Marianne’ and ‘Blushing Beauty.’ ‘Marianne’ is a lily flowering tulip that has been open for about a week now. She features raspberry petals that feather out to yellow at the edges. ‘Blushing Beauty’ is a very tall (up to 30 inches), single late tulip. Its petals show more soft yellow than Marianne’s. ‘Blushing Beauty’ opened today, just in time for Bloom Day!

Tulip ‘Marianne’
Tulip ‘Blushing Beauty’

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s blooming in my gardens today, and I hope your own gardens are bringing you some sparks of joy during these difficult times. Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for continuing to host this monthly roundup of what’s blooming in gardens all over the world!

Early Morning, after Rain