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Six on Saturday is a weekly blog party hosted by The Propagator. I recently learned about it via someone who recently commented on one of my posts. The idea is to post six things that are happening in a garden at the current time. To me, this feels very manageable. Here, then, is my first Six on Saturday post!

  1. Quaker Ladies in my lawn:
Quaker Ladies

Quaker Ladies, also called Bluets (Houstonia Caerulea), remind me of my childhood. We had huge patches of them growing with great abandon in an undeveloped area of our yard. It delights me to no end to see them, and I am happy that my husband sets the blades high enough to avoid cutting them down when he mows!

2. Sweet Woodruff in the lasagna bed:

Sweet Woodruff

Planted two or three years ago, the Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum) is finally beginning to fill in as a mildly fragrant ground cover. It was the perfect thing to plant in this very shady bed that is rich in leaf mulch.

3. Spurge in the cracks:

Spurge (Euphorbia polychroma)

I planted Spurge (Euphorbia polychroma) in the Terrace Garden four years ago, hoping its bright yellow bracts would show up at the right time to complement the blue Camassia blooming near it. Unfortunately, the two barely overlapped. Also unfortunately, the two nice large clumps of Spurge have not come back for the past two years. This year, though, I’ve found bits of it growing in the cracks of the Terrace Garden’s retaining wall!

4. Camassia starting to bloom:


My Camassia (Camassia leichtlinii ‘Caerluea’) is just beginning to open. This is its sixth year in my garden, and it is thicker and fuller than ever. I anticipate a gorgeous display in the next week! In the background of this picture you can see hints of the next item on my list.

5. Narcissus ‘Stratosphere’

Narcissus ‘Stratosphere’

‘Stratosphere’ is a tall, late-blooming daffodil. It has naturalized very well in my garden, blooming progressively more profusely for the past five years. Its final blooms start to fade just as the Camassia starts to bloom. Barring a heat wave, ‘Stratosphere’ typically extends my daffodil season through Memorial Day weekend.

6. Tulip ‘Blue Spectacle’

Tulip ‘Blue Spectacle’

This Double Late, Peony Flowering tulip packs more flounce to the ounce! Many tulips take my breath away and make my heart soar, and ‘Blue Spectacle’ is the latest tulip in my little bed to do just that.

Thank you to The Propagator for hosting this weekly party!