One of the many nice things about Cathy’s weekly vase party is that it often makes us think beyond the usual. This week I have made an arrangement with blooms I don’t typically think of as cut flowers–rhododendrons and clematis. I’ve also thought outside the vase!

My June 8th IAVOM Arrangement

Rhododendrons and clematis are the two most prolific bloomers in my gardens right now. I don’t know what cultivar the rhodie is; the clematis is Nelly Moser. Their colors complement each other quite divinely, don’t you think?

Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’

Since clematises don’t have very long stems, I decided to float a few blooms in clear custard cups and place them around the glass vase filled with rhododendrons.

As we sat down to dinner tonight, my husband saw the arrangement and asked whether the bees were angry I had taken away their flowers! There are so many bumblebees buzzing around the bushes right now that it would not have surprised me at all if one had come in with these!

I’ve never used either of these as cut flowers before now, so I am curious to see how long each lasts.

Cathy from Rambling in the Garden graciously hosts this meme. Her own weekly vases are always beautiful, creative, and inspirational. Why not check it out, and perhaps put together your own vase of garden picks this week?