There are not a lot of cultivated flowers blooming in my garden now that I’m willing to cut and bring in for a vase. I suppose I could have brought in a peony or two, but there are just three blooms right now, and it makes me really happy to drive up the road to my house and see them under the Kousa dogwood tree.

What I do have plenty of, thanks largely to my own negligence, are “weeds”! Pretty weeds! So I have picked a good handful of wild ox-eyed daisies and several stems of buttercups from my rock garden and as-yet unplanted vegetable patch. The catmint (Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’) is blooming nicely now, too, so I thought some sprigs of blue would complement the white and yellow nicely. For filler, I cut a few branches of spirea.

A formal vase didn’t seem right for this arrangement of wildflowers (see how I’ve decided they’re not weeds anymore!), so I took a Mason jar out of the cupboard for it. I had thought there was a scrap of ribbon lying on the counter which would have been pretty tied around the rim, but, after weeks of it just sitting there, someone either put or threw it away!

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this weekly party and encouraging us to bring some of the beauty of our gardens into our homes to enjoy!