I have set myself a challenge for March, and it’s perhaps a bit of madness: I propose to complete one gardening activity each day this month. (I almost said “task”, but that seems onerous, and who wants to think of their plant growing endeavors as chores!)

The activities could be fairly large, exciting ones, such as starting seeds, or they may be as mundane as watering the houseplants or deadheading the primroses. Some of them will occur multiple times–most of my houseplants would protest if I water them only once this month!

Today, I took some tulip and narcissus bulbs out of cold storage in the refrigerator, where they’ve been since November, and I planted them in pots. There are three Narcissi ‘Tete a Tete’, three Narcissi ‘Garden Opera’, and five Tulips ‘Passionale’.

Each ‘Garden Opera’ bulb has two noses! Maybe I’ll get six for the price of three? (Sorry for the poor picture!)

The tulips concern me. The plastic bag in which they were stored was a bit damp inside, and two of the bulbs had some green mold on their sides. They seemed firm, with no obvious decay, so I just wiped off the mold and proceeded. We’ll see what happens.

To ease their adjustment out of the refrigerator, I planted the bulbs in cold soil that’s been stored in the unheated garage. I didn’t bother to amend it at all because forced bulbs really don’t need any extra nutrients. Once they’re done blooming, they’ll be compost! I planted them fairly close together and left the tips of the bulbs showing above the dirt.

I gave each pot some water and set the pots in our cool, dark basement. In a few days, I’ll put them somewhere warmer, perhaps on a seed starting mat. Once I see some growth, I’ll bring them upstairs to a brightly lit window and await an early spring show!

So that was today’s gardening fun. Tomorrow I plan a trip to our local Agway to buy tomato and pepper seeds! I hope you are all finding some fun garden-related things to do in March!