My Walking Iris has been keeping me waiting! Two weeks ago, its first flower opened, and it lasted exactly ONE DAY. There were more buds behind it, and I was sure it would be just a day or two before another flower would gloriously unfurl. At last, today was the day!

Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis)

And, lucky me, the first flower on the second plant in the pot opened today as well! I wonder how long I’ll have to wait for the next?

Walking Iris, aka Apostle Plant because it reportedly requires a set of 12 leaves to bloom

At the same time, the tulip bulbs I planted on March 1 have grown and bloomed. Tulip ‘Passionale’s’ blossoms are a pinkish-purple hue with just slightly darker flames on its petals. It’s a Triumph tulip, which means it’s good for forcing.

Tulip ‘Passionale’

The Scheepers website describes it as a “huge” tulip, but these are rather small, each flower no more than two inches high. I suspect this is a factor of the bulbs being stored in my refrigerator for nearly four months, and then forced into bloom rather quickly. I planted some outside as well; it will be interesting to see whether there’s much difference in their size.

Four ‘Passionale’ tulips in bloom, with one yet to open.

The two pots of daffodil bulbs I planted at the same time are coming along much more slowly. With my first outdoor daffs typically opening at the tail end of March or very early April, it will be a contest to see which gives me blooms first!

For a few days, I had no amaryllis blooming in my house! I’ll give you a moment to recover from that shocking news . . .

Thankfully, Amaryllis ‘Misty’ has begun to bloom. Misty is a trumpet amaryllis, so her blossoms are longer and more narrow than is generally typical. She is pale pink with nearly red striations, and dark pink filaments.

Hippeastrum Amaryllis ‘Misty’

Honestly, I expected the flowers to open a little wider than they have. The first one to bloom is merely two and a half inches wide after three days; I doubt it will go much farther. If it does, I’ll be sure to let you know! The flowers are about four inches long. They have a barely noticeable, pleasant fragrance.

Amaryllis ‘Misty’

My bulb sent up two bloom stalks, each with four buds that are opening in quick succession of each other. Neither grew very tall–just eight inches.

‘Misty’ is OK, but she’s not my favorite!

I’m happy to report that I’m right on track with my “March Madness” resolution, completing at least one gardening activity a day this month. I’m the proud mother of several healthy vegetable seedlings under lights and on top of heat mats in the basement; I’ve kept the primroses and African violets deadheaded, and I’ve re-potted a couple houseplants who outgrew their previous homes. In the next week, I plan to start some flower seeds, and hopefully get outdoors to pull winter mulch off the early bloomers and perhaps even trim the clematises! Stay tuned!