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There’s been a dearth of sunny spring days here on my hill this year, but lucky for me, I have sunshine in the form of narcissi!

The earliest, the King Alfred types, bloomed about ten days later than usual, back in mid-April. I have planted a lovely naturalized border of them along the back edge of our lawn, and it makes me very happy to see them from my kitchen window while I do the dishes. I add ten or twenty bulbs every fall; this year I counted well over 200 blooms up there. Just after Easter, I rescued about two dozen of the widest open ones from a late storm of heavy, wet snow. Thankfully those that I left bounced back nicely and lasted two more weeks!

King Alfred type daffodils in mid-April
Is there any better antidote for a long winter than the sight of a daffodil beginning to unfurl?

About ten days later, ‘Fortissimo’ bloomed. It’s one of my favorites. You can read more about it here. We’ve had a lot of rain and wind this spring, so ‘Fortissimo’ never really never got its chance to shine before it began to fade a few days ago. This is its tenth year to bloom for me, so I give it an A+ in Naturalization!

Narcissus ‘Fortissimo’ is as strong as its name suggests!

Up in the lasagna bed, ‘Double Fashion’ is going strong for the ninth consecutive year. It’s quite similar to ‘Tahiti’, and I would be hard pressed to tell you for certain which this is had I not kept decent records! You can read more about ‘Double Fashion’ here.

Narcissus ‘Double Fashion’
‘Double Fashion’ in its bed alongside ‘Ceylon’ and a Bleeding Heart. You can make out the row of King Alfreds in the background, at the top of the frame.

As you can see, ‘Double Fashion’ shares its bed with Narcissus ‘Ceylon’, a large-cupped flower with a brilliant yellow perianth and a corona that shifts from yellow to brilliant orange over the course of a few days. They usually bloom in late April or early May in my zone 5b garden, but, like everything, are late this year. They stand about fifteen inches high, and their three to four inch wide flowers tend to face upwards toward the sun. They’ve been blooming heartily in this bed since 2015.

Narcissus ‘Ceylon’

Okay, that’s four of my favorites. It’s going to be hard to choose just two more! Almost ALL of them are my favorites, and they ALL make me happy!

Well, I definitely cannot leave out this little beauty. Narcissus ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ just began to open this week. The bulbs were a gift to me from a fellow blogger who did a big daffodil purge a couple years ago, and I could not be more pleased to have them! Winston is a multi-flowering double daffodil with a creamy white perianth and orange flecks near the center of its inch wide blooms. It grows sixteen to eighteen inches tall, and is well known for its delightful, sweet fragrance. Because of the aforementioned wind and rain, I’ve had to give some of these stems some extra support this year.

‘Sir Winston Churchill’
It’s really a lovely little thing, isn’t it?

And drumroll please, as I announce the sixth and final narcissus of the day . . . Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Narcissus ‘Beautiful Eyes‘! This is a jonquil narcissus, bearing two or three two inch wide flowers on each stem. Upon opening, the perianth is yellow, but it quickly changes to white. The shallow corona is orange. They grow fairly tall, about eighteen to twenty inches. Like ‘Sir Winston Churchill’, ‘Beautiful Eyes’ has a sweet scent. My clumps are getting thick; I think I need to dig and separate them when they’re done blooming this year.

A thick clump Narcissus ‘Beautiful Eyes’ in my terrace garden/
The perianth of ‘Beautiful Eyes’ turns white shortly after opening

My later blooming daffodils are still to come–I’m expecting ‘Yazz’, ‘Goose Green’, ‘Garden Opera’, and ‘Ringtone’ in the next week. Oh, and ‘Stratosphere’ and ‘Yellow Cheerfulness’ too, as we parade through spring! Thanks to The Propagator for hosting this weekly, manageable meme!