I used to show you pictures of different garden beds each Tuesday, but lately I seem to fall back to the Terrace Garden most often.  It really is the most interesting of my beds!  Here it is today:DSC_6219The Coreopsis and Liatris are a bit past peak, but still have some color, and Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’ is still blooming her heart out.  Monarda ‘Pink Supreme’ makes a nice splash of bright pink in the picture, but most of the blooms are past prime and need to be clipped. Obedient Plant ‘Crown Rose’ is at its height now, and though the Russian Sage is a bit beaten down, it still looks nice.

Newly opened this week is Hibiscus ‘Summerific Berrylicious’:DSC_6199Blooms like this make August a little easier to take!

The Cosmos ‘Pink Sensation’  have finally started blooming as well.  They had a nibbling  visitor shortly after I transplanted them, so I’m happy to see them, even though they’re a bit delayed!  You can catch a glimpse of them right in the center of this picture:DSC_6235

At the far end, in Dogwood Corner, the marigolds and Cleome look better than they did last week:DSC_6231With the Kousa Dogwood growing bigger and casting more shade, next year may be the time to reconsider what I plant around it.   Begonias may be a better choice than sun-loving marigolds, especially along the front edge!  (The shadow in the picture is not from the Dogwood, but rather the trees across the street; the early morning sun had not yet climbed above them!)

Cathy at Words and Herbs hosts this weekly “Tuesday’s Views” party, which gives bloggers the opportunity to post wide-view pictures of their beds and track progress from week to week.  If you have a chance, hop on over there and have a look!  DSC_6234