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Becky’s Corner (named after Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’) in the Terrace Garden, where I worked the most this week. You can see I often had good company!

This was a week of sweat! Temperatures hovered near 90 and the humidity was tropical every day. My intent was to work for an hour as soon after sunlight as possible each morning, but good intentions be damned; I usually didn’t get there until mid-morning. Though I highlighted the rock garden and all the work there is to be done there last week, this week I worked almost exclusively in my Terrace Garden, primarily weeding and mulching. The good news is I’m finally seeing progress and can report there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

The Terrace Garden

Beyond much needed weeding and mulching, here are some of the things I accomplished in the garden this week:

  1. I found a clever way to support the clematis trellis, which, under the weight of Clematis ‘Jackmanii’, was leaning treacherously forward, away from the wall. “Zip ties!”, I thought, “zip ties are surely the answer!”
Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

And they were. Until they weren’t. While wandering the garden this morning, I discovered that my chain of zip ties held a weak link which had given way, and the trellis was again leaning forward. I’ve replaced it; hopefully this one will hold!

2. I cursed the deer frequently! *&$*#^%*! Not only did they graze on the topmost buds and blossoms of Jackmanii’s vines, they also nibbled buds off the Obedient Plant, Balloon Flower, and the flowers off my beautiful Asiatic Lily. They’ve never bothered the Obedient Plant before. The clematis and Balloon Flower seem to be a recent taste–last summer was the first summer they bothered either of those. There seems to be a 50/50 chance whether they’ll eat the lily.

Deer Damaged Balloon Flower
Deer Ravaged Asiatic Lily

It is probably time to change up my deer repellant.

3. I trimmed the spireas. A good friend is moving from a large house and yard to a condo, and I was the happy recipient of her electric hedge trimmers. The spireas were in dire need!

Neat and Tidy Spireas!

4. I pulled up the daffodil fronds. Why must they take so long to die back, anyway?


I still need to pull the camassia foliage.

5. I ordered Sluggo. Slugs haven’t been too bad a problem this season, so far, but the rain that Tropical Storm Fay brought us yesterday seems to have summoned them. I thought I still had some of the slug killer on a garage shelf, but, alas, there was none to be found. Neither of the garden centers near me had it in stock, so an online purchase it was. It must be a popular product this year; it won’t be available to ship for seven to ten days! In the meanwhile, perhaps I’ll eat some cantaloupe and put the rind in the garden so the slugs will go to that instead of my marigolds!

One of many slugs I encountered on my photo walk this morning! Ewww!
Marigold with slug damage

The damage they’ve done so far is minimal, and I’d like it to remain that way!

6. I repotted my Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioide). I bought this plant at a grocery store over a year ago, and left it in too small a pot for too long. Even so, it did all right, even spawning three baby plantlets around the rim of the original pot. I separated those out and transplanted two of them (one broke at the base of the stem) in small pots. I’ll give one to my sister-in-law when I see her in a couple weeks, and the other will go to my best friend after it gets itself established.

Chinese Money Plant, aka UFO Plant, Pancake Plant, and Pilea, freshly repotted
Baby Pilea plantlets

Pilea doesn’t require a lot of special care. I grow mine in a window that faces east and gets full sun for only an hour or two very early in the morning. It does not complain if I let it dry out quite a bit between waterings, and it is fine with infrequent fertilization . It did not seem to mind being grown in a small pot for a long time. In the year I’ve had it, this plant produced, with no help from me, three babies. If you are a houseplant lover and can get your hands on a Chinese Money Plant, I highly recommend it!

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