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Last week when I was gathering some fall decor to bring out of storage into the house, I spotted a ceramic pumpkin candy dish and thought, “That would be a nice bowl for a fall flower arrangement.”  And that is how this week’s vase was born.010I have about a million marigolds, so, in spite of their strong scent, I chose them as the base of my arrangement.  In the photo above, you can see ‘Bonanza Orange’ and ‘Bonanza Yellow’ French marigolds in my Terrace Garden.

Here is African marigold ‘Inca Orange’, taller, with larger flowers.  I plucked small, barely open blooms from this plant because I felt the fully open flowers would overwhelm the rest:003Salvia ‘Evolution’ and/or ‘Victoria Blue’ (I planted both and really am not sure which is which!) is at its peak now, so I chose to use it as an accent amidst all the oranges and yellows:015The basket full of these blooms was inspiration in itself!  You can see I also picked some of my volunteer sunflower, ‘Jaguar’ marigolds, and zinnia ‘Zahara Fire’:017

Here is the finished arrangement:029I used a chunk of floral foam inside the ceramic pumpkin and arranged the flowers from the outside edge up to the middle.  It would have been easier to work from the center out, I think.   I had soaked the foam very well in preparation, so it was really quite easy to stick the stems into it.

025I like the mix of different shades of yellow, orange, and red, all complemented by the violet Salvia.

Here it is again, turned around.  There doesn’t seem to be a clear front or back to this arrangement.  Looking at it now, I feel like it needs a fringe of green foliage between the pumpkin and the flowers, but to fuss with it at this point may well ruin it:

041My son helped design and make the glass pumpkin when his fourth grade class took a trip to the Corning Glass Center.  He chose the confetti colors and helped blow the glass.

The ten-day weather forecast shows average to above average temperatures here, with no sign of frost, so I am looking forward to being able to pick more garden-fresh flowers for a vase next Monday.  In the meantime, be sure to visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see what she and other gardeners have picked and brought inside to enjoy in a vase on Monday!035